Brief History

The First State's First Gurdwara (Gateway to the Guru) was established in 1990 in Elsmere. The congregation, in the early years was limited, as the Sikh population in Delaware was nowhere near the numbers today. The Gurdwara existed in Elsemere from 1990-early 2011. For over two decades, Sangat in and around Delaware - while worshipping in a house converted into a Gurdwara in Elsmere - persistently endeavored to locate a suitable place for their holy and spiritual pursuits. Finally, by Guru's grace, the present location (1107 S. Dupont Hwy in New Castle, DE) was bought in June 2011. All the believers have and are making consistent efforts to make this Gurughar (house of Guru) as heavenly as possible. Anyone wishing to contribute to the ongoing effort is very welcome